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Photos turning grey with cloud icon and tick

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So I've had to use my s6 again for a photos from my s8 backed up and came onto this phone when j set it up. I tried to move some photos to another album for easier access... but the photos turned grey with cloud icons in. How do I get the photo back. Can't find any photos from my s8 on the drive. HELP!!..

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Superuser I

The cloud icon I assume means the photo is in your Samsung Cloud. 


Are you able to perhaps move the photos from.your s8 to your current phone using something like Dropbox. 



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For some reason... all the photos from my s8 came onto this phone... but this phone can't find them in the cloud. And Samsung have my s8 because.of.exessive.overheating. I can't click on the icon or anything... 

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