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Photos showing up grey with an exclamation mark


Hi I am using Samsung S7 and recently my photos are all grey with an exclamation mark. Only recent ones on my internal storage show up like this. I can see the older ones fine. Also all my photos that I moved to my sd card are greyed out with exclamation mark. How can I fix this please.

@jaycee hate to be the bearer of bad new but it is an issue with your memory card i suggest you do not move anything else on there to avoid any further corruption of your personal data. In regards to the photos that are already corrupt try this link maybe it will help:

It is worth a try however it is not guaranteed. Good luck
Thank you for your reply wyse_terminal..if my sd card is damaged would this affect why some photos taken during the past couple of weeks are also greyed out on my phone?
Thank you for the link I hope I can recover my photos as I moved them onto sd card a while ago thinking they would be safe.
It would definatley affect them. Best option is to avoid generic non branded memory cards and go for a branded one you pay more yes but you also get a warranty some come with a 10 year warranty! also try an app called disk digger from the play store too and let me know how you get on

I purchased a samsung SD card so thank you for that I will see if I can get a replacement.  Today I tried the sd card in my Samsung tablet and it is reading the card but all the photos are showing as a mountain symbol with a zigzag above it.  It is not showing the card as corrupt so I am confused.


Its the files that are corrupt in this instance hook your tablet to a computer and format it, use the normal format option instead of the quick format.

Thank you for your advice but I need to try and recover them before formatting as I have some sentimental memories on that card.



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I'm having this issue.  But I don't have an SD Card


I am having the same issue as you . My photos are all fine as thumbnails, and when i open them the pic opens but then quickly changes to the grey with the exclamation mark in the centre. 

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