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Photos have disappeared from gallery

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Welll this happened to me today after the software update. All my photos that were on my sd card vanished. Tried restarting the phone with no luck. I turned off the phone completely let it sit for awhile turn it on. And boom photos were back on my phone. Hope that helps some people. 

Oh I am going to try shutting completely off. Lost all my school pictures/videos from today of my frustrating.

This issue happened to me as well. I do not have SD card installed. I was using Gallery app and all my photos used to be in that app, all but a couple of random ones disappeared one day. Today in an attempt to resolve the issue, I installed Google Photos app and Voila!!, found all my missing photos in Google Photos app. Try this and see if it works for you.

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Hi Folks,

This has also just happened to me.

I have only just bought a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) and it has just deleted some photos I took yesterday. I think I have them all backed up in Google Photos, but can't be sure.

My phone does not seem to have a recycle bin.

This is all bad news, so I have also turned on OneDrive camera photo back up,  and turned on both wifi and mobile data back up for both of them.

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So how do you fix this? I am seeing image when I take the photo but it is not in the gallery. I must be saving to the SD card

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hey I had the same problem. And here's what I did. (but I cant say if it will be the same outcome to you but the album really came back after I did these 😅)


-Clear the update of the gallery app from the settings

-update the app again but this time from the samsung galaxy store

- go to the gallery then go to the settings of it

- click the samsung cloud and you can see the sync now part then "unsync" it 😅

- Then viola ~ go to gallery again and youll see it came back 😊



Download the app "DiskDigger" from the app store. My wife lost her pics off her phone and I opened that app (after a few hours digging into it) and ran the scan, and all the images she took had appeared in there...then you can save them to a folder, THEN BACK THEM UP!


I hope this helps!

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Hey,  Not sure if you have found your pics but the same happened to me this morning.  Managed to find the pics.  My phone is in spanish so I am guessing at the translations in english but I found mine in Archives/Records - then Internal memory  - then DCIM. Hope this helps. 

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Hi mumsung note I idid my update then I lost my all my camera photos which is veary important for me can ihave help please 

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it saved on SD card, no because i was out travelling i didnt have the time to back them up on my google drive and yes i was using stock camera app but on my s9+

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