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Photos have disappeared from gallery after Google photos backup

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Please help! 
I had around 4,000+ photos in my Samsung gallery and someone suggested I use the Google photos app to backup the photos, so I clicked on the app which I'd never used before and pressed backup, my photos started to backup straight away and after a short while said done, when I looked only a couple of hundred had backed up, I just thought it would take time with me having such a large amount.
A couple of days later I went into my Samsung gallery to look back on a photo to find that the only photos in my gallery were the ones that Google photos had backed up, all others have disappeared?! I can't find them anywhere!
Please can anyone shed any light on where the photos could have gone and why?
I've lost my newborn babies photos! 😢
Thank you in advance, 
SaudA Moderator
Hi @katieMortiner, if you had your Samsung Cloud synced with Gallery, go in to the Gallery app > 3 Dots > Settings > Recycle bin. Can you see any photos there?
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