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Phone malfunctioning


Nothing I can do will fix this. The phone probably has to be taken apart. So I give up. Can you please tell me what steps I can take to get this sorted out? Or I might as well get a new phone. Seems to be a samsung thing anyway.

Forward to 1:35, it makes that noise often. Even when I'm not really doing anything on my phone. It started with that noise (~2 months ago) then the crashes like (~1month ago) and more frequent.

AndrewL Moderator
Sorry to hear you're having these issues, @Purplish. Based on the nature of your query I recommend visiting an authorised Support Centre where an engineer can inspect your device. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device' and enter your post code. Alternatively give Samsung Support a call directly on 0330 726 7864 where an advisor will be able to assist you further.

Just an update. I spoke to like 5 samsung/MTR/wefix people. It will cost a lot to repair my phone that I might as well get a new one whilst using this as a trade in. My phone froze and rebooted itself 4 times during the initial set up after a factory reset XD. It keeps making me start set up all over again. Its that bad.


I guess its kind of sorta resolved (new phone). Thanks for the help.

ChrisM Moderator

Sad to hear this @Purplish. Thanks for letting us know and enjoy the new phone!

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