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Phone locked to unknown network

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I brought my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge second hand after only 1 months of use. It was sold as unlocked but after an update has suddenly become network locked and because it is second hand I do not know which network it is too so can not undo it. I have got in touch with the previous owner but after two months have not had a reply and need my phone back. Any suggestions on what I could do would be very helpful, thank you. 

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Hi @Joshua



Most mobile phones supplied by a Mobile Network Operator on a Contract are locked out so only their Sim Card can only be used. 


Now to unlock a mobile phone so any Networks Sim Card will work in it is dependent on what the individual Mobile Network Unlocking to All Networks procedure and criteria is. 


Once a phone has been Unlocked to All Networks by the Network via an unlocking code the owner keys into the phone, then updating the phones firmware or even Factory Resetting will not reverse the phones unlocked status


 What shows on your phone where normally your network logo / name would be ?


What maybe the issue is that the phone has been imei locked which can be because the phone itself has been reported as Lost or Stolen by the original owner so a Network will react and blacklist it. 


If this is the case then only the original owner can request it's Un Barring via their Network.

The Network wouldn't unlock it for anyone else. 


As the Original owner isn't now replying to you this could be the situation. 


There is no way at all for you to get this lifted. 


Samsung wouldn't be able to help in unlocking the phone. 


If you purchased the phone via PayPal connected to an auction site i.e eBay then look at their Resolution Centre criteria to see what you can do. 


You could check the phones status via Checkmend > Please use a relevant service for checking your phones status if your not in the Uk.

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Hey @Joshua.


If you're still unsure which network your phone is locked to, can you send @AntS your phone's serial number and IMEI number in a private message? We'll be able to have a look into this for you. 





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