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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!

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Even my S5 still has enough power to run Android 9.0 fine, so that don't seem to be a reason for me.



New Samsung phones are impressive! If we don't get Pie I think as soon as it get to Argentina I will replace it with Samsung A40 great phone size very similar to a5 and a huge screen! better processor and camera, more Ram, bigger storage .. It will be hard I love our phone but it's hard to process we won't have any other software updates, it's hard even to find cases and I look for them in many countries and it's the same I think that is because is a phone that is discontinued now..

Hi! I'll add the link I've used to download the room. There you will find everything you need to know about that room: Bugs, how to download step by step, features and a lot more.

The Link:


A lot of cheating has been going on in the A series since they ever existed the same thing happened to the previous models.

But now i will exemplify for the latter ones:
The A7/A5/A3 2017 only received the 2017 software which is android 8 and came out of the box in 2017 with 2015 software android 6.
This just ain't right.
The same unfairness will happen to the a8 2018: it's going to receive only the 2018 software which is android pie and came out of the box with the outdated android 7 instead of android 8.

So at the end none of those devices receive software from the year after their release.


But J7 always received the proper updates

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Samsung galaxi j7 2017 has android 9 and a5 2017 doesnt.and samsung j is the worst samsung 

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I switched to OnePlus 7 Pro with Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and will no longer return to Samsung.

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If they say the two major updates are android 7.0 and 8.0 to me thats bad business on 8.0 cause 8.1 was much stable when i used it on j5 pro 2017  and was anticipating on using 9.0 on my A5 2017 was very disappointing on top of that i see j5 will receive 9.0 update. And to me a5 2017 is way better in performance than j5 

I need an update ⚠️ we've waited enough.

Either google or samsung work on it

Thanks!! I tried to do it but I couldn't even make TWRP work tried many times and didn't install. It's a shame it seems to be a great Rom
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