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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!

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So do you think that the j6 and j6+ and a6 a6+ j4 j4+ have a cpu better than the a5 2017 . Youbare wrong sir
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I'v already send a message to Samsung and they tell me that is not longer an update on Samsung A 2017 !

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I can't agree more ! The fact that it was released on marshmallow instead of nougat that was available months earlier doesn't make nougat a major os update ! If we get android pie with one ui for this phone i'll be more happy to claim the 2 major os updates ! Please samsung make it available !


Yes. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 was launched with out-dated Marshmallow update while other phones which released at the same time were launched with Android Nougat. So as Samsung customers this seems so much unfair. Hence definetely Galaxy A5 2017 deserve the new Android Pie update. I have been a Samsung customer for years. If Samsung doesn't release the new Pie 9.0 update I am very much likely to pay attention on another brand. 


If anyone can translate or confirm this video is legit that will give me some hope!

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Are the andriod pie will come for A5 abd A7 2017 or not?? I want itttttt .. plz some one answer me :((( can we expact it or no? Its not fair .. =((((((

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It's not that Samsung is going to change their minds about it, so I do not want to talk about it ...

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I think Samsung will not bring the Android 9.0 to Galaxy A5 and A7 2017 because there is an official in Samsung Members who is eligible for the update. Sadly, these two units are not in the list. I'm a Galaxy A5 2017 user too. 



I need to send you a screenshot of an email which I received from samsung regarding their view on rolling out Pie update for Galaxy A5 2017. There's no option to attach a file here. How can I send it to you? If I can send it to you, I think it would be very important. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Pls type the content in here..thank u
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