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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!

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I can show you my J5 2017 and A5 2017. 


The J5 has Android 9 and the A5 only 8. I hope that you see it now. 


And yes, I rlly dont understand why A5 2017 is not getting Android 9. All unfairness to me pls D15748978051171513264047499316559.jpgJ5 2017


Screenshot_20191128-003135_Settings.jpgA5 2017



Even the J series got the update man. They have about 1.5gb ram and only 16gb rom. If they can get it why not we, and we paid more than them. Samsung has cheated us be releasing a phone with outdated os. If in Jan 2020 someone releases a phone with pie, and then upgrade to Q by april,it won't be fair right?? 

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I know man im really upset by this too but bro everyone needs to make an uproar about this so stupid samsung can hear us out! We need to post everywhere! 😞😡
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Ahaha all that stuff is out of my knowledge thanks for sharing though i prefer updates from samsung lol
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I know right! The j series is budget but the A and older series hasn't received the update along with the powerfull Galaxy S7 and S7 edge!!! We need to make an uproar so samsung hears us out!!
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