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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!

Those who hoped for a new major update for Galaxy A5 (2017) will be disappointed: Samsung will not release Android Pie officially for this smartphone, despite the small hopes that emerged in recent months.

The hopes of which we speak originate from the certification by Samsung of Galaxy A7 (2017) for Android Pie, a device very similar to Galaxy A5 (2017), launched with the same Android version and which has received the same software updates: pity that the update to Android Pie was planned only for the South Korean version of Galaxy A7. So no Pie for the international version of Galaxy A7 or even for Galaxy A5.

But indeed its not fair at all ... this is one of our  rights to get android pie 


OMG even the J3 2017 gets pie and A5 2017 doesn't!!!!!


Some body responds please =(((((((( 


We should Get Android Pie we deserve it!!!

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Bruh, they officially updated J7 2017 so you think there is more power? If they updated J-series, should of updated A-series too


There's a Rom! I typed a long reply but it got deleted):

Anyway theres a Rom. No bags. Someone made the South Korea A7 2017 Android Pie One UI Rom an international version. It's for A5/A7 2017 Available worldwide!! All languages supported!!

You can try it out for yourself!! 


I read the comments and people is mentioning bags..

Today i installed a custom rom android pie for my A7 2017 ... its really work great even better then officiel oreo rom ... fast and great battery ... no need to wait samsung to bring pie 






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