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Petition for galaxy A5/A7 2017 Android Pie update!Samsung is cheating!

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Baught A7 just one year ago! This is sort of cheating. For me its difficult to buy a nes phone every time they relese something new.A7 price range is also high ! 

Why did they promote auch a phone at first if they cant provide updates to users.



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I also have a5 2017. I  want to upgrade pie and one UI 

Ahahah are you serious? 😂
A8 and all the Samsung A Series phones next to the A5 2017 are the same smartphones, that's ridicolous and you,saying that,too.
Keep calm i've bought a Mi9 😉
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I feel like the Galaxy A5 2017 is more than powerful enough to run Android Pie as even $200 can run it with low end meadiatek cpu. Even the 6 years old note 3 can run it by using custom rome and even makes it faster.

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Absolutley agree !

Android Pie should be the last update for these devices because nowadays we see other brands launching even weaker phones than A5 or A7 but still ruining Android Pie with no problems whatsoever.


I have downloaded a costom room for my Galaxy A5 2017. This costom room is the Android Pie with One UI update. Other than few bugs because it's ment for A8 2018, the room works perfectly fine! And the phone is running faster than ever!! The battery is going down a little bit faster, but it's not really noticeable. With a lot of features for saving battery life in this update it's really not a problem. all in all the update is Amazing and if Samsung would give us a legit update and give us the choice if we want to update or not is would work the best and everyone will be happy. it's a win win situation. I hope that Samsung will is this reply and do something with it. Plz let them know and upvote/like my reply.


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One Ui Android 9 Running On Galaxy A5 (2017)

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 I buy this phone with Android 8 out of the box.I  never will receive update for this phone.I'm very disappointed from Samsung ,they add old Android to this phone with idea to do not provide updates! My next phone will be from other brand! Shame on you Samsung!!!


430 euros for this phone should give us at least android pie.
If you give the same amount to any other brand you get more updates for sure.
It's ridiculous the only software this phone received was the software from 2017 which is android 8.
This phone came in 2017 with 2015 software which is android 6.
This is a cheat!!!

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Hi!! Can you explain what are the bugs you found using that Rom please? And also where did you get this one and how you installed it. Thanks!!!
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