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Part of screen has a red tint, galaxy s8

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Your english is perfect. It will get worse. As long as you have warranty that should cover this issue. so get a new phone for free with warranty. 

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I called tmobile and told them they tried to at first say well i.surance I said no way cause this is a defect and they sent me a new phone and I sent mines back .cause mines is practically still mint condition great cover and screen protected. So I would call them

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I could even see the word subscribe like burnt into the screen which was odd cause my screen shuts off in 10 seconds
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My warranty says that the screen will be replaced not the full phone. But if the problem will reapear i will ask for a new phone 

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@Genesisdriver  I have the same 2/3 red tint on the top half of my screen and noticed a little "G" at the bottom of the red tint. After I read your reply, I pulled up my keyboard (I happen to use G-Board) and the keyboard and Google logo match up perfectly to the discolored sections. So in our case, it's somehow tied to the keyboard use.

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@JeffreyV wrote:



I had this problem a while already but kinda gave up searching information and trying stuff out.

Contacted someone from samsung on messenger but he didnt know it aswel.


So lets try again😁


A while ago i was just watching youtube and suddenly youtube crashed and closed.

Since then there has been a part of the screen just normal white and the other part has a red tint. (Look at photo, top part where the video was playing is normal, under its kinda redish.)


When i take a screenhot and send it to my laptop or friend its just normal.

So its just my screen.


Anyone any idea what this could be?

How can i fix this?


-Happy hollidays!






The best solution for me to fit this problem once and for all is to buy the best smartphone ie an iphone worked for me. My friend as a new samsung galaxy s9 and it also as the same problem even though the screen has been replaced 3 times it.s still pink in my opinion this is a common fault. The screens on the S8 and S9 have the same fault and should be replaced free of charged (come on samsung sort this out or refund your customers. )

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I had the same issue and I have again now. I had to go to tmobile and they gave me a refurbished S8. That was about 5 months ago. The problem has returned with the replacement phone as well. I've never had this issue with any Samsung phone before. I also have been watching the same amount of YouTube videos, so I don't understand why  now.  I was going to upgrade but I'm hesitant about it now. I'm just going to deal with it. But this really annoys me so I don't know how long I can take it.  

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It was on my s8 plus and Now i bought note 9 and the same problem still with me .

I sent my s8 4 times and had new s8 phone and still had the same problem. 

I'm so disappointed because i know they can't fix it 

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Wow, I really hate that because I wanted to get the Note 9.. Definitely not switching to Apple,  but I need to think about changing brands. 

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