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Overheating S6

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Hi all,

I wondered if anyone could shed some light.

I have an S6 and in the last 2 weeks it has been over heating and freezing then powering off.

I took screen shots 2 mins apart showing battery at 80% then freezing shutting down and restarting and I had 60% and in a matter of mins said 0%. Back of phone gets extremely hot. I'm presuming it's the battery and I did send in to my carrier (vodafone) but they wouldnt check battery as i have a scratch on my screen so they voided the warranty. Any help would be great!

Thank you 😀

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Superuser I

Hi @Gallaigirl, first off Vodaphone are REALLY rubbish at repairs (I have multiple problems with them in the past over repairs) the whole "void" of warrenty is incorrect as it is not to do with the repair issue #fume. At the end of the day you have a device that has a 2 year warrenty that protects the item for parts break down in that time which yes is supplied by voda(fail)phone but can still be repaired by Samsung it's self. My advise would be to get in contact with Samsung and do a postal repair (if you are not near a Samsung shop) let the pro's have a look.   <= Start here.

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