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Oreo update UK has anyone recived it yet

Not seen those problems. Maybe some helpful soul can help. Otherwise I would do a full reset and start again.


I've had Oreo for a bit now. Problems I see on my s8:


My phone gets hot after this update.

• this is highlighted in the text bumpf before you install, should return to normal once the update is complete


I get no notification numbers when pushed.

• there is a setting to change this, search for "notofocations" in settings and select the "APP ICON BADGES" section to chose to have a number in the notification bubble.


I continually lose password logins for all social. Email. Goodreads, galaxy apps . Etc. 

Facebook and other apps take AGES to load. 

• not sure about this one...


Thought I would post. Maybe some of you are having similar issues. 


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I am also on three contract I received update on 20/03/18. However I am having problems so maybe is because of the update? Not sure I'm finding once I update then it is required for me to update individual apps myself both in galaxy apps and Google play store. Maybe this update isn't all that. Besides Bixby is still using US accents and has no chance of understanding my Geordie UK accent! Which is what I hoped would change with update.. at least a UK Bixby might v had a hope of functionality even though I really know it will be a Queens English Bixby (not often spoken in the lands up north!) Mind you my microphone isn't working anyhoo so hey ho.

Funny you say that I've just had a look at play store and noticed two updates  but I had to do it manually  but I checked and relised I have it set to update automatically when connected to WiFi and iam connected to WiFi so yes looks as tho there is a problem  for the bixby voice the only answer is that Samsung must think we still live in the medieval ages and our accent might not be understood by poor bixby 😂


It's odd that Bixby, still isn't available in British English. Doesn't matter how often I correct it, Bixby still thinks mum is mom, Paul is Poor, Outlook is App Book etc etc. Pretty poor show for what was supposed to be the headline feature of the S8.

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I loaded the update yesterday on my s8+. All seems ok apart from my gear s3 not connecting to my phone automatically. Every time it gets out of range and drops out, it needs to be manually connected.
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I received the new oreo update. 

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No because I rooted my phone but I got a custom Rom and flashed it. The rom had android Oreo firmware in it.

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Anyone with a sim free s8 in the uk had the update yet?

If you mean the inital Oreo update; I downloaded mine from SamMobile before the official UK release but this should be available for most international unlocked devices with Samsung SoC now. There is a further Oreo update which is currently testing in Germany and Turkey which fixes a few issues. PDA: G950FXXU1CRD7


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