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Oreo beta program galaxy s8 how do I sign up where and when


Oops sorry still have predicted text on I mean btu firmware


I've got 905f

:-( anyone got it yet? 11am north America is 3pm here so it might be then 

I have 955F . Does anybody know if this means I could potentially get beta?

Have you got a link?

I've read a few people (even ones talked to Samsung) are saying different.

guys be patient. samsung advised yesterday on live chat beta only for btu versions unlocked and it will be uk release in 2 days. they are prepping for release and if you think about it makes sense to ensure everything is right. if you want it now follow xda tutorial. it works. but at your own risk
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I didn't get my phone direct from the carrier so I'm just guessing it is unlocked no way of actually checking.

Why unlocked only for god sake Samsung are a joke when it comes for releases of new software if iPhone can release beta for all networks I'm sure Samsung can anyway try this

This probably includes XEU as it's also not carrier branded it's generic unlocked like BTU. 

I wouldn't even try force enroll.
If you don't get the other updates this is guaranteed to get the. Your stuck with a buggy phone having to do stuff to sort it out or even worse a bricked phone.
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