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One UI S8

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I just had the new update with One UI on my S8.


While being advertised as more "clean" and free of junk, I simply can not fathom why the complete lack of customizations.

That is one of the primary reason I like Android (and Samsung) - The ability to customize. If I wanted someone to tell me how I should use my phone and how it's GUI should look like, I'd get an iPhone.


Specificallly: Why the hell can I not move the position of the clock in the status bar?? When you move something that has been in one place for AGES, why not simply add in a setting for us that are used to that, and want to keep it there? I know it's probably intended for the S10. But please consider the phones that don't have a stupid notch.

(I know you can do some hacky magic with some 3rd party app, but I don't want to go down that road)

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While I am at this ranting, I'd like to take an opportunty to remark on the new colored notifcation icons on the Always on Display.


I very much prefer the old monochrome (white) icons, as they were much easier to see and discern on the screen, especially from a distance. While colors looks nice, I think this could also be a setting.


More configurations and customization to the people!

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I agree. But I'd also add the calender is an issue as well. The layout has removed individual days of the week and just has the starting day of each week. Much less to work with. My girlfriend puts so many events in her currently unupdated S8 and she's dreading it.

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