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Notifications on Status Bar

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Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge and I have just done an update. Now on my status bar on the home screen the icons are white. Please help 


Hey @Jmc16! Let's perform a soft reset on your phone: 

1. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for about 5 seconds.
2. If a warning pops up, press the volume down button.

Has this fixed your problem?

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Hi Carolina w tried to hold down volume down button and power button for soft reset and all it does is take a screenshot

Hi Jmc16,

When doing a soft rest and holding the two buttons down, its normal for it to take a screen shot. You need to keep it held down for a bit longer and that will start the soft reset. 


Btw can you give a bit more discription on the issue you`re having, it sounds like your device has been updated to the oreo update which would mean the look and feel of the device will be slightly different. 

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