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Notification tone for individual contact


MESSAGE TONE.JPGWe just had a big Samsung update overnight and I lost my ability to set the Individual Message Tone for each Contact.  It doesn't appear in the Contact area now.  Is there another way to get it back?  How do I notify Samsung to bring it back?




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Hi @VegasPigMama. :robothappy:


I can confirm that feature is no longer available for the in-built Message app for phones on Oreo/Samsung Experience 9.0.


However, we've taken it on board as a suggestion for a future update - so hopefully we can bring it back for you guys. :robothappy: In the meantime, there are some alternative Messaging apps available from the Play Store you could try. There's more info on all of this from my colleague SachikoT here.


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After oreo I no longer have individual tex tones for contacts I'm a commuity first responder and need to know if it' my wife asking for me to get milk or the ambulance service sending me to an emergency call come on Samsung sort this basic function that everyone else has an update should be just that not a downgrade

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My deal is tho I dont want to use a app when it's been a standard feature on samsung devices in the past or at least on any phone I've ever had.

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Is there any update on when we can expect individual notification sounds to be restored to our devices? I agree with the original poster in that it is very handy to have individual notification sounds so you can tell if it's a family member, a friend, coworker, Etc.

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Please bring back individual message tones, and the ability to schedule messages, i jave 4 Samsung Phones in my account,  ive beed a galaxy user for years, i just got to S9, however i am unable to set individual text tones and schedule messages.

Please bring back scheduling and individual message tones

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As I said there is a new option right in the Messages app (you can see on the picture).

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Just got this awesome phone and I'm on call...Can't find HOW to set an individual text tone for an individual number.  It was super simple on my Rugby...




Can't!  They took it away!  Hence these conversation lists. 

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