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Note 8 poor battery life

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I have my note 8 for about a week now and I am very disappointed with the battery life. I get nowhere near the usage that I had with my S8 plus and really regret that I changed to the Note 8. I feel cheated that I have to turn down the performance to try and squeeze an hours battery life, is there an update due?? If not it'll be on eBay before next weekend 

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When a phones battery is new then to hit it's optimum output it needs charging and discharging cycles a few times. 


Check in your battery settings to see if any particular app is using it heavily. 


You could put the phone into Safe Mode which disables all your downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones alone which can then help to highlight if it's a rogue app. 


Other issues such as poor signal and app preference and permissions settings can drain battery. 


Apps such as Facebook are known to be a resource hog. I personally use my url box to navigate to Facebook and I paid for the edge timeline panel to use Facebook too. 



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Hey @Wobblybox


Have you checked out the Battery Usage option within Settings?


Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage.


From there you'll be able to check out what's causing your battery to drain. This will help establish whether this is as a result of normal usage, or due to a third party app using excess power. 

Let us know if anything unusual stands out.




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