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Note 8 lock screen lag.


I also have the same problem, two week ago I installed the new n950fxxu5crha version and there is a big lag about 3 seconds delay after hitting the power button to wake up the phone though I do not use fingerprint nor AOD just swipe, also there is a big lag when having incoming call please help 

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I have the same issue and thought it was just a software issue. I did factory reset and clear system cache. It didnt fix it. Looking for some answer as well.


After doing all that on mine it was OK for about 2 days and started again. I think it's worse than it was before. Especially a pain when I'm on the phone and take it away from my ear at end of call and screen stays black so I can't hang up. So starting to think is it something to do with sensors on the phone? So going to try a way to switch off them features. I know it will make a difference to battery but has to be worth a try. Don't expect this from a phone I payed so much money for. 

I've tried that. Worked for a couple of day's. Thanks

Yeah that didn't work neither. I've switched off all animations and the AOD screen and made no difference neither. The quickest way I've found of opening the phone is by changing a setting to be able to double tap a notification icon on AOD screen. But otherwise I still get the lag. Don't know what else to try now. 

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I have the same problem.

Samsung staff could not help me.

They ask my to factory reset.

I did reset last month. It is good for a month. 

Now I.happen.again 


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