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Note 8 battery drain


Same problem under same circumstances here. The Note4 lasts longer and I' going back to it with this piece of cr** going back to Samsung.

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Hi all.


For the initial period (about 3 days after purchasing) the 'App Power Monitor' and 'Optimisation Of Battery Usage' features aren’t fully up and running - which is likely why you're getting low battery expectancy readings and others aren't.


To increase battery usage/save power going forwards try:


  1. Settings > Device maintenance > Optimise Now. (This’ll clear some memory; delete unnecessary files; close apps running in the background; manage abnormal battery usage; scan for crashed apps and malware.)


  1. On the App Power Monitor list in Device Maintenance, tick apps you want to save power on when they’re not in use and tap 'Save Power'.


  1. In Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage > 3 dots > Optimise Battery Usage, you’ll be able to optimise battery usage for individual apps. (Bear in mind that data streaming or syncing for those apps will be restricted if optimisation is enabled.)


  1. Check 'Accounts', and turn off auto-sync feature for the unused ones.


Repeat any of the above as regularly as needed. Should hopefully stabilise into a better expected battery fairly quickly.


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I am losing 25-30% of my battery OVERNIGHT while my phone is "sleeping". I have Location and wi-fi turned off. Sound and vibration are OFF.and I optimize it before going to bed. Last night it was at 99% when I went to bed, 5 1/2 hours later when I got up it was at 70%. My Note 4 would lose 1, MAYBE 2% overnight. What the heck is going on??? After losing 28% battery life the other day, I recharged to 100% and steadily used the phone for 8 hours . I only lost about 20% while USING the phone. Why the hell is it losing almost 30% without being touched???!!!


Hi there,


I have exactly the same issue as yours. While browsing different forums, one of the members suggested to disable VoLTE. The guy in question had exactly the same problem, 30% to 40% of battery loss overnight.


I have disabled VoLTE right now and I am charging it to 100%, I hope to see a difference. If you want, I'll can keep you updated about it.


Here is the link of the forum :

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Thanks for your reply. I am VERY interested in your progress in this issue! I will check out the forum and give this a shot as well. THANK YOU!!!



I'm coming back at you after trying disabling VoLTE. For me, it worked immediately after disabling the function I noticed a better battery life throughout the day.


I did not charge my phone last night, as it had approximately around 50% of battery. During the night the phone lost only 2-3% of battery in standby mode.


For information, my phone was at 100% yesterday at 2:24 pm and now it is at 42%. 


I suggest to check with your carrier if VoLTE is supported by the Note 8 as in my case it wasn't. Here you have a screenshot of my battery usage. 


I hope it may help some of you guys. 





Hi, sorry I couldn't find this VoLTE setting where is it please?



You have to go to Settings>Connections>Mobile Network>VoLTE Calls 


And then you disable it.


Here is a printscreen of the menu (in French): 






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I had the same problem since I disabled locations this really saved my battery all day at work I listened to music 6 hrs none stop got home at 3:30 battery was on 77% left try this out guy and girls 


This must be a carrier specific setting may be as I'm in the UK and on EE and I don't have this option anywhere.?

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