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Note 8 Wallpaper Changing

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If you ever tried Microsoft launcher it has a Bing feature that changes the wallpaper. Even though the app was not installed. And it trasfered over with the wired copy old phone thingy.... So I reinstalled Microsoft launcher went to that setting turned it off. Then cleared cache and data force stopped uninstalled it. So far so good. That is one of the images i got randomly

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I've had and I am still having the same problem! 


Had the same problem for 3 weeks or more, it didn't do it at first. 


I've uninstalled all apps that might interfere with my wallpapers. That's wallpaper apps and launchers. Although I had a launcher installed it wasn't actually being used, so it shouldn't have been the problem. 


If I fix the problem I will post again. 




Not sure how to fix it just keeps going back to the default infiniy  stars every time my phone powers down but I change to a picture on my phone and it keeps going back help?




If you have IFTTT installed on your phone check it. I had it installed on a  Huawei phone, and there was a 'IFTTT?' for changing your wallpaper to NASA's wallpaper of the day. 


It never worked at all on my previous phone, but I noticed it was switched on so  checked through the previous images I recognised some of them. 

I didn't recognise all of them so I think there are days when it didn't work. 


If you're still having this problem, see if you have IFTTT, and switch off or delete the app. 


I previous reset my phone and that didn't work. I believe that's because of IFTTT. 

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The home screen on mine changes to a different pic no matter what pic I use. Very annoying

Hi there,


I have gone through a similar experience with Samsung Note 8. It turns out when I installed Microsoft Launcher, it's wallpaper shenanigans pegged onto Twilight (blue light filter) timelines and kept changing the wallpaper whenever Twilight switched off in the morning. This was happening even after uninstalling MS Launcher! I removed Twilight  re-installed it, and all is good again! Good luck.


Try this (reprinted from bbbb2017 comment):


Hi, so this happens to my Note 9 as well.

at first I don't see it as an issue, bcoz it keep changing wallpaper, made my phone look a little more interesting. 

but not for long, my gf demanded we should use the same wallpaper to show our relationship can't be seperated -,-. 

oh well.... I not sure what I been doing but I just change to our pictures and show it to her she was happy as hell.... =.=''
but not for long the wallpaper changed itself without my concern, when we meet up she saw my wallpaper changed, 

she was so pissed, and just scolded me cried and left :=.=:....


I try explain and started compare her note 9 with mine so I found this column which her's stated Never and mine stated Using Any Network. so I changed it to "NEVER" and so our relationship back to normal =D. 

Here is how you can deactivated it 
Setting--> Wallpapers and themes--> Menu Button "dots-11-433569.png" --> Show Recommended Content --> Change to <Using Wi-Fi Only> / < Never> 

Main Screen--> Hold on empty area or use pinch gesture --> Select "Wallpaper" --> Menu Button "dots-11-433569.png" --> Show Recommended Content --> Change to <Using Wi-Fi Only> / < Never> 

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I got this same exact problem for almost a week now ....i dont have any launchers installed ....and i deleted every wallpaper-related app i had ....still facing it ....its getting really annoying ...but i noticed that it changed right after i installed that last android pie update (security patch of july 1st ).....which installed overnight while i slept and then i woke up to a whole new wallpaper ive never seen before ....

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That did it. Just delete "space" from IFTT

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