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Note 8 Max. Brightness Colors pale Fonts blurry


Hello Community


I recently got a Note 8 and love it so far!


If I use it with automatic Brightness in broad daylight the colors become pale and my fonts turn blurry.


Is this intended to be?

Is this to increase the readibility?


I am unable to recreate it on screenshots, so it has to be a display thing.



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Superuser I

My suggestion is to pop into a Samsung Experience Store or a Highstreet Retailer who has the phones on display and play with the settings to see if it mirrors your own phone @Grissini



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Hi Grissini.

I had a similar problem.

I had my display settings set too low. You may try increasing them upward to hi res.


For some reason I cannot seem to post properly on this site. Anyway the second part if my message is:


You can also change your screen settings to Dynamic Or Afaptive display. 


Remember, when you set your display higher, your phone will try to up sample the image or video as much as it can. Having said that, if the pic or video was shot in low res your phone can only do so much.


Good luck.

Unfortunately, my phone doesn't catch spelling mistakes as well as it should. I apologize for the misspellings iny former message
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