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Note 8 Camera Flare

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Having put my faith in Samsung and taken then plunge for the Note series, I am highly disappointed to notice camera flare on all pictures taken with the new dual camera system. Bit of searching on Reddit shows others with the same issue. This is not ok for a device costs £900.00. Anyone else having the same issues? Any help, return to retailer or Samsung? Image attached. Screenshot_20170915-220223.jpg



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I have had the same problems. Spoke to Samsung about it. After a trouble shoot they agreed to Send a new one out. But the same with the next one. This appears to be a problem in design not a fault. I was so diapointed as the phone itself is lovely. Another talk to samsung and they have collected it for a refund. Crazy that I'm going back to my note 4 because there a no such problems here. 

I wonder if the s8 plus has the same reflection/flare problems with the camera 

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