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Non-Samsung USB C cables don't work

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Hi there,


I recently got myself a shiny new Samsung S8. It's great. But all the USB C cables I have for my HTC don't seem to charge my Samsung.


The phone registers that the cables are connected, the 'Android System USB charging connected device' pops up but it doesn't charge. When I chick on that notification it states that it's currently trying to charge the device connected instead of charge this phone and no matter how many times I select 'charge this phone' it just doesn't work.


Any advice? I've turned off fast charging but that hasn't helped. The cables I'm trying to use are plugged into sockets.






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Superuser I

Sadly not all cables are compatible @Rayne


Therefore I'd suggest to use a wireless desktop or pad style charging pad.


And or use OEM Samsung cables.



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