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No missed call notifications on my galaxy S6, nor voice mail notifications

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I am sometimes missing calls when I'm right next to my phone, it doesn't ring, then I notice the missed call or that I have a voice mail.  Last night I saw I had a voice mail and looked at my call log to se who had called and there was no missed call listed!  I am also not getting notifications that I missed a call or have a voice mail.  I have tried to apps for this and they are all set up, but not working. I have also noticed that if I send someone a text and then set my phone down while I'm doing other things, they reply and I get no notification.  If I have switched the phone off or to something else, I get the notification!  I don't want to have to watch my phone constantly, nor should I have to!  Anyone?


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In my experience @Rebecca7 the mobile phone network have preferences attached to their Voicemail service where a person can extend the amount of time before  a call goes to voicemail. 

Contacting your network and or looking on any relevant Help & Support pages for your network might be beneficial. 


Also Network Signal can play a part in regards to connection. 


In regards to notifications a phone has preferences that can be set within an individual app and in the phones settings. Please can you double check these. 


As a process of elimination to rule out the phone or sim card that may be at issue can you try your Sim Card in another phone and another sim card in your phone ?


A Samsung Experience Store and or Samsung Service Location maybe able to hands on guide you too. 

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