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No Volte on S8

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I had purchased S8 unlocked version from Curry's in the UK coz I travel a lot and have to change SIM according to the country. To my disappointment I am unable to find VOLTE option in the settings. I believe this is a world phone and with being a flagship model this should have been enabled. Lower models do support but Samsung S Galaxy line has this issue. 


How do I get VOLTE to work? Should I wait for Samsung to push a update. ?

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Hi @Simon29


You should have the VoLTE option in your settings buddy, to find it go to Settings> Connections> Mobile networks and you should see the option to enable VoLTE calls.

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There is no option as such you have mentioned. checked earlier and rechecked the same. 😞

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Have a look to change your network from "Global" to "CDMA\LTE" in your settings, go to Settings>Connections>Mobile networks>Network mode and change it and then go back in and see if the VoLTE option is there.

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Hi all. :robothappy:


VoLTE is also network dependent. Some info on VoLTE and links to compatibility here.


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There is no option for what your saying to change on the s8 plus, any other ideas?
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I have the same issue on my S8+



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I had volte, until yesterday, the latest patch update messed it, volte option just dissapeared and calls are falling to 3g, however volte indicator is still up. Phone is s8+ sprint unlocked and sim is from Movistar Colombia (also with vilte, which it seems unaffected) please a solution for this!

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