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No Mobile Care Light acknowledgement with Galaxy S8+ preorder

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I preordered the special galaxy s8 promotion that came with mobile care light for free. The packaging doesn't acknowledge that my device has mobile care light. How can I redeem it? 

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ChrisM Moderator

Hi @AliRAS.


We have a dedicated team in place to look after these queries. They can be contacted on 0800 4970608.

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I have called this number, and they state that their service is only for taking excess payments from people, they do not administer the insurance, or know anything about the paperwork. 

AntS Moderator

Hi @RicoPicoUK.


Can you confirm for us which retailer you made the pre-order with? Us moderators will look into this further for you guys. 


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I bounght my S8+ from the Samsung site and the the free insurance was included on my invoice, but no info as to how or where to redeem it.

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Thank you. 

I ordered directly from Samsung, the order page is still Here
The site states you can make a claim by calling the number you stated above which is odd having called the number they don't know much about the insurance. 
All I really want, is some kind of acknowledgement from Samsung that I bought this insurance product, and my insurance policy number for me to keep on my records. You would think that Samsung would be more forthcoming to someone spending almost £800 on a phone. But so far Samsung have ignored 2 other requests for this simple information. 
That's correct, the advert is still on the Samsung site:-

Get your phone 8 days early with an exclusive extra
Pre-order today and you'll receive it up to 8 days early. Plus, when you hit one of the 'buy now' buttons below, you'll receive Samsung Mobile Care Light too. It's just for loyal customers like you, and only for recipients of this email.
What's included:
• 12 months cover for free (£50 excess applies)
• Accidental damage
• Up to 2 claims per year
• Accessory cover (on everything in the box)
What's not Included:
• Theft (including pickpocketing)
• Loss of the product
• Deliberate damage
• Cosmetic damage
Samsung Note 9 512Gb SM-N960 Dual Hybrid,
with 512Gb microSDXC UHS-I, the full terracotta
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm SM-R800
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Hey All!


We'd recommend speaking to our Online Shop Team about this, they'll be able to provide you with more info. 


Their details can be found here, just scroll down the page. 


Let us know how you get on. :smileyhappy:


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I followed the link you provided and used the online email form and I got a response back (more than 48 hours later) asking me to contact the oneline shop directly.


I JUST DID! How can the oneline shop contact me advising to contact the online shop?

Your customer service is awful and your internal communications are a joke.

It is not a customers problem that your internal structures are too siloed and you do not have even the most basic of processes to pass information between "departments" - when will you learn that "Samsung" is just that to a customer - we do not care and should not be impacted by how you wish to carve up internal responsibilities.



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