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New update is full of glitches-S7 Edge

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The other day I was prompted to do the latest update, which from what I can summise is the Oreo update, and it has essentially ruined my experience on my phone. First, it drains the battery twice as quickly (I have already cleared all caches) and I am now forced to use the phone in limited use with battery optimizer, which means I can't use the display to its full capacity and the speakers sound like ***** as well. 

Second, my messages are disappearing before my eyes. I send a message, it says it sent, then minutes later it disappears. I have restarted my phone several times, gone into messenger settings to turn off new features, still the messages disappear. I did not have any of these issues before the update therefore I assume the problem is the update. 

My phone is not hacked, nor does it have viruses, I use McAffee anti-malware and virus protection and have ran several scans because when I watched my messages disappear I immediately thought I might be hacked. 

This update is so far the worst update I have experienced in my 5 years of being an android user. 

This is my final attempt to find a solution before I factory reset my phone. Please help. 


I'm also having huge issues since the update. A factory reset did not help.


For me the WiFi is losing it's connection to the internet constantly. Also battery took a huge hit after the update.


Would LOVE to go back to 7.0. Constantly using 4G as every Wi-Fi point I use is now hopeless on this phone.

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Okay, so now factory reset then. Thanks for letting me know. 

Hopefully they release a patch soon.

Same here did it yesterday and I've got no sound on incoming messages or ringtones
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