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New to Samsung and Android - Do i need antivirus software?

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Some  useful information already given in this thread, whilst I think an Anti Virus not strictly necessary will depend on preference and need  (depending on if you use apps outwith offical sources)   and advice is always to take care in these situations.  The inbuilt Knox security  is said to protect against malware/malicious threats  and McAfee Anti Virus is on board  should you wish to use it.


However outside the established names many Anti Virus  apps on the Play Store are at best ineffective.

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I believe samsung is a big and great brand and a love them alot i have used my samsung device to access the Old Mobile Bet9ja which makes easy based on the fact of what i do for a living everyday.

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Can it work on all types of Android? if true i will use it immediately

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You should download anti-virus software for your device. Any device needs to be protected. And if you use the android os platform, you should download it at the TaiAppMod.

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Anti-virus apps are compulsory to installed in your mobile phone. but there is no 100% security after installing apps from Google Play Store.

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You dont need an antivirus for your android device and no one is stopping you from using one.

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