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Network PIN Blocked

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I have hit a dead end with trying to move to an alternative network provider.

Currently with O2 and I want to move to BT.

I didnt think my phone was locked to a network but have tried the BT SIM but get message

SIM Network PIN Blocked - Enter SIM Network PUK.

First of all I asked BT for a code. That didnt work so I suspect my phone is now locked.

Have asked O2 4 times for help. They take several days to respond.

All I have now is an Unlatch code which doesnt work.

Asked Samsung for help and they referred me to O2, my current provider.

Have asked for further help but getting nowhere and this has now gone on for 4 weeks.

Any suggestions would be very welcome??

Superuser I
Superuser I

 Je vous propose de contacter votre opérateur (revendeur), et récupérer une autorisation de desimlocage .
Ensuite vous déposer votre téléphone auprès d'une agence agrée Samsung PSM.


À ne pas oublier :
Sauvegardez des donnes.
Facture d'achat. 
Accessoires du pack.




Merci d'accepter ma réponse comme solution,
Encouragez moi, avec un like , si vous trouvez mon intervention est pertinente.

Best Regards
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I searched on google and found this site on the internet . He explained it to me and I paid the money for the code. I can not wait 2 weeks for samsung and they promised to deliver in 24 hours but now it's almost 48 hours and they do not respond. Have I been cheated? Has anyone used this service successfully?

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