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My samsung J3 2017 keeps restarting

ChrisM Moderator

Hi all. We don't have any indication on timescales just yet we're afraid. As soon as we hear something we'll let you know.

Thank you

And now we will be left waiting for like forever knowing samsung

Same here I have this problem too.

I've got the same problem, always restarting when playing a game. Please sort it out ASAP as I've also bought my kid's this phone for Xmas and they will be disappointed! 

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I upgraded to J3 2017 in late October this year. All fine including apps. November software upgrade completed and then the problem arose.  I contacted Samsung - not helpful. No idea if or when fix is to be issued. My provider were more helpful. New phone. Great until that upgraded itself. Back to square one. If Samsung monitor this website they should be aware that i am tempted to contact nation media for help. I am sure they will do something. 


I was planning to take the media route too, but it looks like we'll be getting a fix. If we don't get it soon it could still be a good idea though.


8 reboots in 30 mins.. that is not possible!! i'm so angry..


if i calculate the reboots from this morning, 5+8=13 reboots today...

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