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My samsung J3 2017 keeps restarting

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Uninstall updates for games optimising services will cure the problem but only until the device automatically updates again. Come on Samsung when are you going to realise that the Bloatware update is incompatible with your android update.

What If we all left some 1 star reviews under it in the Galaxy app store? Think they'd pay attention and actually give us an update that fixes the issue?
Day 100 .. i still curse the day i bought samsung j3

The problem is still going on and the fix is just a wishful thinking

FML if i ever buy samsung again
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This is also affecting the J4 series of phones as well...After reading this thread it gave me peace of mind that  my phone isnt faulty... as the phone works perfectly, just games keep crashing while playing. My initial thought was that the J series of phones or the Android update overclocks the processor speed when playing games which could be why it crashes randomy or utlizing too much memory.  My battery doesn't drain excessively while playing,  and power consumption is dependent on your screen brightness, bluetooth/wifi connectivity and other app utilities that consumes battery life. 


I've never had crashing of the other apps (such as banking & utlity apps) which isnt intensive on processor or memory.  


I hope this issue gets resolved for the J4 as well, as I'm quite happy with the performance of the phone itself (for it's price range) 

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That's funny. When I contacted Samsung they said that no one else had this problem only me. Lying gits. As long as the update for Games Optimising Service is uninstalled my phone works fine.
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Uninstalling the "Games Optimising Service"actually worked!! It seems that was the culprit all along... !!! 


To think we been busting our brains going on about Oreo update... it was this update on the app that has been causing all the trouble.... 


My phone hasnt crashed since uninstalling .... so hope it works for everyone else...



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Thank you Lan61 for the tip...


That really did the trick...


I cannot uninstall updates of Game Optimizing Service.


The "3 dots" button is not there. (it's there for Game Launcher though).


This must be because Game Optimizing Service is listed as "system app" on my phone. (it does not appear in the list unless I pick "Show system apps").


On the other hand, the reboots seem to have stopped recently... Maybe some system or Samsung apps update fixed something...


Did you guys see Game Optimizing Service in the list even without clicking "Show system apps" ?

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Hi Dase..


Well on the J4 i dont have to click "Show System apps" as its standard on my list of apps.  So the J3 model might differ into using that option-- only another member with a J3 would be able to answer that question.


But i disabled the game launcher as a precautionary step(its useless to me anyways) & uninstalled the optimising services and all my games are working perfectly again. The worst was when i was playing online against an opponent and lose trophies or points because of the reboots...very annoying..

 Happily back on track.. 😁

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I have the same phone with the same problem. My phone is not even a year old. I have tried everything listed except taking my phone to someone to look at it. I love the phone but do not have the money to spend to have a professional fix it. Any other suggestions.

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