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My new S8

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Messages won't  work 

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Hi @Kennyr72


Are you referring to messages via text messaging ?


If so....


Please check that your messaging centre number for your Network is correct in the phone. 


Try closing the App down and then soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On. 


If if this is happening to a particular contact then check you haven't added them to the phones text blocking feature and they haven't added you. 


Is Network signal adequate ?


If your sending long texts or Ines with emoticons / emojis in this can convert a text to a mms type message which some Networks charge for and some need this to be provisioned on the contract Account. A stable 3G signal is required. 


Test your Sim Card in another phone if you can. 


If your using the stock Samsung Messaging App then perhaps try Textra which is another texting app. 

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