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My Photos show as grey in all the apps after 24 hours

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I have this issue from many days. Actually all the photos that are older than 24 hours show up as Grey in all the apps in my Phone.

I saw many issues with the gallery but my gallery is fine everything there is good. But like i use instagram whenever i try to upload any photo which i took 24 hours ago i can't find it as everything is grey there and even i click the grey boxes nothing happes. Same is with every app .


My mobile is J7 PrScreenshot_20191208-204634_Files.jpg




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Superuser I

Hi @Aryanshukla , are you saving your pictures on  SD card ? If the answer is YES, i invite you to read the following article :


If it only on Instagram you should ask them why this is happening (i think Instagram just saved a link to the pictures on your devices but not sure, only read somethingabout it)




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