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More problems from samsung cowboy engineers note 8


So ive hand the screen replacement 3 times so far due to burn in.and each time they replaced the screen they damed the phone in many ways.this time i just got my phone back from the uk service centre and low and behold they destroyed my phone again.i toook before pics as always. 

So they must have beoken the rear glass when changing the screen and replaced the glass with generic glass and thought i would not notice.they left a gap in the right side of the frame causing light leaking. And they flashed my uk ee note 8 with french firmware im going ballistic right now.i waited in all day for the ups dude to pick up my phone and the clown did not even turn a phone engineer and work for geeks quad carphone whare house fixing note 8s daily


Here are some pics of the bull***** the samsung enginners do to my nearly 1000 pound phone this must be seen and someone from sammy need to get this sorted. I need the origanl cover back on.i need the fw to be uk ee fw like it was and the light gap on the right must be fixed












Im discusted with samsung and there service someone need to fix this *****


Can anybody  help me with this issue 

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Superuser I

Hi @Live1


That's not good and I fully understand why you'd be upset. 


Was there any reason you didn't use your own workplace as Carphone Warehouse as far as I'm aware are authorised engineers ?


Who supplied the Samsung Phone to you originally as it's them that apply the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty and should help you. 


It's good you took pictures. I assume they are tagged with the time and date they were taken. 


It's confusing as to why another Rom was put onto the phone. 


Also if the work is carried out by an authorised engineer then oem parts should be used. 


If this was my situation I would look at the Consumer Rights Act 2015.



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