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all the pictures that were taken on my phone (s8) disappeared and I don't use an sd card, so there no way it will save it somewhere else. I check 'picture' folder in My Files and 'camera' folder is missing and I also checked DCIM folder, its empty. The last thing I remembered doing before my picture went missing was that I was trying to move some pictures from my brother's mac to my phone using android file transfer. Any way for me to get my picture back?

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Superuser I



First can you try a soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On. 


Can you check on Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Samsung Cloud > Gallery > Is sync On ?


Should look like this...Screenshot_20181227-073901_Samsung Cloud.jpg


If it is then at least your pictures are backed up and can be restored. 


On a side note I also use Dropbox so that all my photos are auto backed up to that vault. 


As your most recent action was to use Android Transfer it maybe an idea to look at the Mac's files to see if you've moved everything there.


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