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Missing App Icon Badges after Oreo Update?

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I opened my email app on my Galaxy S8 yesterday to find a ton of unread emails, dating back to last Sunday. I quickly realised that this is because my notification app icon badges arent showing up to alert me to new unread emails. I'm also not getting them for other apps such as Facebook and Instagram, but they ARE working for WhatsApp, Messages, Missed Call ect. I also realised that I updated my phone last Sunday to the Oreo update. Anyone else having this issue? The app icon badges are turned on in Settings > Notifications.

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My S8 is the same. Funny the badge is there for gmail. Who the hell uses gmail for work. Samsung need to get this sorted or apple here I come.

Same problem here,very annoying. It appears that the badge counts are cleared when you clear notifications bar from the top- it's a real pity as this I would have thought this feature was essential and not even up for discussion 😡😡😡

Hi, I've been onto Samsung about this. Apparently, some wizard at oreo thought it a great idea to link all notification badge counts together, meaning if you clear your notification bar from the top, it also clears all you app badge counts. It then looks like you have no mails but when you open the app, you will see them all. This is extremely annoying and I cannot see any benefit whatsoever except making people very angry with this decision. Hope they realise their errors quickly and change this 

I have A5 with same issue, it's an Oreo software update baby- fuming with this decision and bad move by Samsung.

The old function worked perfectly and I have no idea what Samsung were thinking by changing it to the stupid way it now works. The badge alerted you to the new message and remained until you either read the message or cleared the badge manually. A quick glance at the phone tells you you have something to look at or deal with. What could be simpler? If it remains like the way it is now I will be looking elsewhere in a month or two.

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Seems like a lot of people are noticing this.  Pretty ridiculous feature.

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Hi Guys. 


Not sure if option 2 in the following link may help in the interim. 





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Thank you, but unfortunately not. It is an Oreo thing.

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Wish I had read this thread before updating- this has made using my phone almost unusable as a one stop 'manage everything I need to do' device. I hope samsung release a fix or they may have just lost a customer- can't believe someone there thought this was a good idea. Surely adding  the additional option to clear the app badge when clearing the notification so people can choose would have been a better step inbetween. Craziness. 

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