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Hi I'm using a galaxy S8 and I'm trying to mirrorlink to my car so I can use all apps. I looked on YouTube and followed a vid but it said to use LG mirrorlink app and obviously that is for LG phones even tho the vid was titled how to mirror all apps for S8


Any help would be gratefully received. 


Thanks folks

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It might be work also asking the question to your car dealership and or a forum that people discuss your make and.model of car to check compatibility @AndyPandy80



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I use S8+ and I use this process. I recorded this if it helps you:



In the future also you might get the certficate issue with Mirrorlink. Here is the solution:


I knew what I discovered would be useful somehow. 


I came here just so you guys can try. I have a S8+ and a Peugeot 2008 17/17 with Mirrorlink connection and I was using all normally until few days ago. I started to get the message of Certificate Not Valid for this App. 

What I did? Go to SETTINGS>>APPLICATIONS and check the SHOW SYSTEM FILE. Search for Samsung Mirrorlink 1.1 and delete CACHE and DATA. 


Once I connected to my car again I noticed the message wasn't being shown anymore. With the phone connected, I tap on the screen and saw there was a message "Mirrorlink needs to use Data to download a file" (or something aroudn those lines. I tap AGREE and the file was downloaded. 


Removed the device and reconnected and VOIALA! Mirrorlink was working again. 


Also for everyone with Samsung and mirrorlink, try to use this process I video taped:


I hope this helps someone. I got so happy I can use mirrorlink again in my car.

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