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Microphone in AKG headphone not working


How can you do that if I'm not eligleble for that? I've got these earphones with s9 three months ago and I'm not sure that they will replace this headset, I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so our rules are less strict for operators

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I have same problem too. I just buy s10+ 5days ago and i cant use mic in AKG for phone calls or gaming, but i can hear voice/song. I dont know whats wrong, i've been go to service center and they didn't solve my problem

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I have the same issue. The AKG headset prrovided with the samsung galaxy s8 was working just fine. But suddenly the mic stopped working when connected to my phone. So i tried another earphone & it works fine. Then i tried this earphone in another device & the mic is working. 

I can't use my earphone with my device. The biggest blow is that this happened 2 days after warranty for accesories expired. Can anyone help me

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It works!

Only by clear cash of the Phone app.

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me too

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I have a Note 10+ with AKG n700ncm2 headphones.

Strangely the micrtophone works fine with Skype but not on voice calls.


Where is this "cache" you are clearing?

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Same problem just with the mic, my earphones work fine on other phones and other earphone as well work ok on my s8 but akg earphones mic doesn't work? Can someone tell me what's wrong? 

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