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On the galaxy s8+ can we get an update to where we can turn the view all button off in our messages. I find it very annoying and dont see a need for it

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Superuser I



I find this very annoying too, having to click 'view all' to see the full message then click back to come out of the message to return to the conversation, it's simply not needed, after reading up on it we're not the only ones who don't like this feature so hopefully Samsung will change it in future. 


It seems the only way just now is to download a 3rd party messaging app, not ideal I know but it stops that stupid 'view all' feature. 


I completely understand that some people may like this feature, however for those whondont, it would be amazing if somewhere in message settings there was an option to set it to show entire message or to show x number of characters in the thread

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