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Locked out of S6

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Hi my son has been locked out of his S6 after an update was done. The pattern password is no longer effective, unfortunately he can not get into his phone. He has been advised to reboot and reset to manufacture settings but is worried his data will be lost. Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks


If he's backed it up which happens pretty regular than once he's done factory reset and set up his google&Samsung account it will restore it 


Hi @Jm11! Is this issue now resolved? If not, perform a soft reset of your device:

1. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for about 5 seconds.
2. If a warning pops up, press the volume down button.

Please try unlocking your device again.

Does the device now unlock? If not, do you have a Samsung account linked to your device? If so, search Google for "Find my Mobile Samsung" or click this link:

Log into your Samsung account and click 'Locate My Device'. Once located, click 'Unlock My Screen'.

Change your lock screen security to something other than the unlock type you currently have until a more permanent fix is available.

Has this solved your issue?

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