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Junk emails on a Galaxy S7


Hi Ron,


It's very odd that the option is not available. As below, to register email addresses as spam, you need to select the email and tap MORE, then Register as spam.




Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? Do the options appear different when selecting different emails?




Are you using Gmail or Email?

Hi Darren, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Problems with my e-mail accounts. Thanks for the advice but, unfortunately, when I click on "more", "register as spam" is not an option. The Only options are "Add star" and "Mark as read". I know that the advice that you have given works on a Galaxy S^ because my daughter has one but, apparently, it doesn't work on the S7. Thanks again for your interest.
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I have the same issue except that I can  mark it as spam but since spammers never use the same email I get inundated with spam every day. This never shows up on my computer, just the phone. Phone carrier is not the issue, it is this app that has a very weak spam filter and no way to address it. We need a real filter, not just going in and marking every one that comes in!

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