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I have a j6 plus 2 weeks old, the screen is slow to come on when button is pressed after time out. It is set to turn off after 2 minutes

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How slow is slow if I might ask?
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Hi @Ashford8


If this was my situation and the lag was long and I wasn't using a Theme or 3rd party launcher then I would carry out the following in order. 


1. Check for software updates in the phones software update section. 

2. Soft reboot it by turning the phone Off and On. 

3. Put the phone in Safe Mode which disables the downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones Live which can help you determine if its a rogue app. 

If it stops in Safe Mode then come out of Safe mode and delete your most recent apps 1 by 1. 

If it continues in Safe Mode then....

4. Clear the systems caches which is usually accessed by turning the phone Off and then from a set series of button presses gets you into the files. No personal data is lost this way. 

5. Back up and Factory Reset. 

6. A Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic on the phone. 

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