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J3 2016 Bluetooth Issues with Fitness Trackers

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So here it is.  So far I have purchased 3 fitness trackers.  Fitbit Alta HR, Garmin Vivosmart 3 & Fitbit Charge 2.  Not one is able to connect to my J3 (SM-J320FN Android version 5.1.1, Build LMY47V.J320FNXXU0ARA1).  Have checked forums etc this seems to be a wide ranging issue with this phone.  


I have tried all the suggestions, obvious and otherwise.  Is this a fundermental problem with this phone?  Has anyone been able to resolve this?



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Am having same problem with Archon  move band.   It worked for two weeks.  Now I get a time out message when trying to pair it.

This is the second tracker that has not worked.


Any advice welcome

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I have the same problem with Garmin Forruner 235. Also starts problem with connection with my Audi A4.

Problem started after last Samsung soft update in February. 

It's drama. I wish throw it away.

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