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Samsung Warranty is a JOKE

I bought my S8 in Australia. Moved back to Europe shortly after. Screen burnt in. I have all my warranty documents.
In Europe they tell me to practically **** off because I didnt buy the device in the country. W.H.A.T?????


Apple would´ve taken it anywhere in the World.... "Sorry we are not going to be able to help you. Please contact the manufacturer in the country of purchase because there are different parts in the device....blaa blaa.... ." What do I care as a customer?


  1. Take my phone here locally
  2. Order the parts needed from Australia.
  3. Repair it.
  4. Notify me and give it back to me when ready.
  5. Settle the bill with the Australians and resolve it internally.

What do I care about the interal processes or how it is done in accounting?.... What a HORRID CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!!!!!! And this is supposed to be "Premium Brand"? Pointing fingers.... having me shipped the phone back to the end of the world (16.000 km) at my own expense to fix it when it shouldn´t have broken this earily to begin with.


Nowadays people change countries like crazy.... and Samsung still cannot think internationally?
Lacks the logistics to help customers with faulty devices (still in the warranty period!) and take all the hassle over?

Barbaric. I have been buying this brand for 5+ years. NEVER AGAIN. 

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This is one of the reasons I did not to buy the Samsung Note Fe and have it imported into the UK due to warranty exclusions.


This is to stop grey imports I believe too.


Also why Samsung apply a region lock.

As you mentioned Apple this is what I've dug up @Viceroy909 






Apple may restrict warranty service for hardware products to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the device. "


From this my understanding is that Apple can apply the same / similar rules and terms.


That said I do agree and a worldwide manufacturing and support structure would be a positive move. 





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Not true. Apply doesnt make a fool out of its customers.
My brother bought an Iphone for his girlfriend in the US and when it broke here in Hungary, they repaired it right away (also within the warranty period)
Here is the link where you can read about Apple´s interantional warranty policy:

I find it utterly dusgusting that Samsung doenst give a ***** about its customers. Horrible customer service.
I did work for Samsung actually, so I know they have a problem with grey import. But that simply doesnt interest me as a customer.

They should solve it how they want to! I don´t care. I bought a product, it broke way too soon and they they should take their garbage and fix it then.
If it´s the grey import they are worried about, they can send the bill to the subsidiary where the product was coming from (Australia in this case). The product is clearly identifiable.

The whole money goes to the same place anyway.... it´s not about grey import.... it´s their deliberate unwillingness to care for their customers on an international level.... they are not interested in it. Period. For me that´s a red flag when it comes to a brand that is all over the world. Simply disgusting.

I am switching to Apple, that is for sure.

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Ok well I can only put across my viewpoint and experiences as both a Samsung and past iPhone owner too.


I hope you enjoy your next phone which I'm assuming will be the iPhone. 


Take care.

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Samsung Note 9 Model: SM-N960 Dual Hybrid 512Gb_ Samsung One Ui / Pie.

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I also have a very unfortunate experience. When I had a conference in the US, my samsung phone broke down and I had to buy a new one. I was considering to buy a cheap product because I was afraid if the service center wasn't worldwide but the unprofessional/uneducated employee from B*stBuy told me that it was and can be repaired easily everywhere. So I spent 700$ to boy galaxy S9!!! A week after I landed in Europe, the phone shut off with no reasons. I went to the samsung centre in the europe and they didn't wanna repair my phone because it was made in the US (being objective, the good point was my old samsung which now is broken again was repaired for free). They really didn't give a d*mn about my story and about me being lied by the employee of their reseller. Yesterday, I called them (samsung and b*stbuy) and they couldn't give me any single solution instead of unreasonably advising me to send my broken phone to friends/relatives living in the US which I actually don't have. There is no other solution!! This is really frustrating because : 1. I thought a more expensive product = higher quality / more robust but actually I just spent 700$ in a garbage bin. 2. Samsung should have an international policy that covers international customers. If they cannot repair it, at least they offer the service to ship the phone to the samsung in other countries. If the worse case I have to pay the shipping cost, I am fine. 3. B*stbuy/Samsung should educate their employee not to missguide/missinform the customers. Now, I am trying to accept that I just lost 700$ or maybe gambling to get my S9 repaired by a private service center which will cost me the warranty loss from samsung. in conclussion : VERY DISAPPOINTING AND I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING EVER AGAIN FROM SAMSUNG!
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