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@Jtal wrote:

I had the same issue and turned off all device administrator apps. Device admin apps can be turned off in the Settings > Lock screen and  Security > Other security settings > Device admin apps.  Once all apps are turned off go back to galaxy apps to update them. Then turn the device admin apps back on 

Well, yes you can do that;however there are side effects. On my phone that caused some apps to be deinstalled requiring a lot of work to do after turning admin back on. 


Also some of us cannot switch off device management as the option is disabled 

Try disabling/uninstalling updates of the Galaxy Apps itself - and then reopen the app and resinstall updates.
It appears that the OTA had a dodgy file for Galaxy Apps

Tried that. Themes still wont upgrade.

My company is using MaaS360.


I had to change the setting for "Allow Installation of Non-Google Play Applications" to user controlled from Blocked to user controlled. This immediatley fixed the issue for the galaxy app store apps. I would ask the MDM administrators if they have a similar setting.


We blocked this as a basic security measure since we did not want employees installing random apks or applications from more unsecure app stores and now have to deal with this possiblity and how to reduce this risk. Samsung doing their own thing and creating their own app store might be good for consumers, but will lose them our buisness because of this risk or we be at least removing/disabling all these built in apps for alternatives on the google play store.





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Can someone explain the Samsung Members app? Not able to find such a thing. I'm having the same issue but I don't have the option of disabling system admins as some people did. 

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samsung galaxy s7 edge G935FD

Samsng galaxy apps

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Try a VPN connection it works

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The software team was made aware of this in May and we are already in July! I just sent feedback as well.  I have 18 apps that need updates.  


A long time later still cannot update Samsung Themes. Cannot even use it as the update screen automatically loads when you open Themes. Have been stuck on the same theme for months. Samsung really need to fix these issues of unknown sources for MDM or companies will stop buying Samung devices

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