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Instagram pictures/videos are blurry and low quality


How did you turn on wifi use? I can't figure it out. 


Whoops I mean how did you turn on access to data? 

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My upload quality for my instagram story is very blurry. Sometimes barely legible if I include words on it. I've noticed that other people with a s8 have the same problems. Also my main account on Instagram doesn't get all the updates and often crashes. My snapchat is the same way. My videos come out blurry and looking terrible. I don't know what to do and contacting Instagram hasn't helped. 

I have no idea why but this problem is related to all Samsung devices. It's not just about Android. I used Google pixel phone before and everything was ok. The only way to fix it— edit photo before downloading to insta. 😭 Change format.
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I finally know the reason of this really big problem...

And it's very, very easy to describe.

You have iPhone's and you have Androids, yes? 
There are only a few iPhones around, but A LOT of androids. And apps like instagram need to make one camera app for all devices to work. On iOS, instagram uses your actual phone camera. But on Android it doesn't, instagram just takes a "screengrab" of your camera. That's also the reason focusing doensn't really work well on instagram stories/posts on Samsung devices. 

Here, also an example.


I hope this helps

This sucks :(. There are so many Android users! You would think IG with all its resources can accommodate us.
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Thank you so much.
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I have the S8 plus and my wife the S9 and both have the same problem with instagram, photos and videos in stories are so blurry.... This is so frustrating, isn't there something to do to fix it? 

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I used to have s6 edge and the quality of stories there on IG was so nice but when I switched to note9, the quality of the stories is really bad it is noticable. Idk what happened. My app is up to date tho.

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idk if you don't have this problem anymore, but if you do i can tell you want i did to solve it (cuz i had the same problem). check if you are on the beta test program, maybe you have de beta version of instagram. so what you have to do first is, leave the beta test program, then uninstall intagram (beta) and install the public (normal) version of instagram. hope that fix it!

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