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Incoming calls

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I have a new s8, and it's only 2 weeks old, everything was working correctly and suddenly incoming calls are barely audible. I have done a reset, a factory reset, still no change, any help

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Is the the level of people's voices or the level of incoming call ringtone @Cornelia1 ?

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Silly suggestion here, but have you tried turning the volume up using the button on the side when you're on a call?





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So, I had this same problem with my S9. Many people online were complaining about it and a few even returned their phone. The solution for me was CLEANING THE SPEAKER WITH A TOOTHBRUSH. If you rub it with your nails, you will see dirt coming out, but most of it will still be stuck in the little speaker holes. GET A DRY TOOTH BRUSH AND BRUSH ON IT AND ALSO STICK THE LITTLE TOOTHBRUSH HAIRS IN THERE. It'll unclog the tiny holes and you'll be able to take calls on your phone.
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