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Inaccuracy with weight management


Hello All,

I have been trying to loose weight and added the weight management option to my Samsung Health app. At the end of the day, past midnight, I get a notification that I was UNDER the calories for the day. However, the next morning I get another notifcation that I was OVER the calories from the day before. Or I'll check it in the morning to see how I did the day before and it'll tell me I'm under say 170 calories, and then later on in the day it'll say that I was only under 54 calories. Anyone else have this problem? 

Did you resolve this. I have just started using this function and i am having similar problem.
All the correct data is set and all looks well. However the weight management meter is telling me i am over calories by hundreds and I am only half way through the day and have only had 500 calories despite my target being 1500?
The part that shows the 500 calories towards the 1500 calories is correct as its showing like 1 third of the way but the important bit seems way off. Looks like its getting a simple calculation wrong.

Nope. They had kind of reset it, but it didn't work. I emailed them as instructed if it didn't work and no one ever got back to me. I'm over it. This is what I was told to do. 


1. Open Samsung Health – More (top right corner) or Menu button (three dots) – Settings – Samsung Account – Sync Now; 
2. Settings – Applications – Samsung Health – Force Stop – Storage – Clear Cache/Data 
3. Open Samsung Health (if data is missing, repeat step 1).
Should this not work, please send us the log reports of Samsung Health and, after investigating the matter, our developing team will either contact you directly or provide an update in which the matter should be fixed.
To send us the Log reports, please go to Samsung Health > More/Three vertical dots (top right corner) > Settings > About Samsung Health and tap about 10 times on Samsung Health icon > SEND LOG REPORT. Afterwards, choose a platform through which you will send the log reports (for example Gmail), and a short description of your situation and mail it to them (
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I used this app before without issue.  Now, on my S9+, I am having issues with this version.  I logged 50 calories for breakfast, (allowed 1700/day) but the app says I am 31 calories over!!  So...breakfast should only be 19 calories???  The app, this way is useless.

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If on your weight management app you have set a goal to lose weight, you will have set a target to consume X number of calories less than you have burnt. For me it my target is 1100 less calories consumed than burnt. Therefore every morning I will wake up and be over my limit even if I haven't eaten anything, as I haven't burnt 1100 calories yet. You will be burning calories all day even when resting just your heart beating and you breathing burn most of your calories. After meals you are likely to be over if you check your app the only important figure is what it reads just before midnight.

If you have your last meal of the day at 18:00 you should expect to be 100's of calories over your target because you still have 6 hours left of the day burning calories. You burn approx 1 calorie per kilo per hour so if you weigh 80kg you will burn 80 calories per hour. Therefore if you finish your dinner at 18:00 and your Samsung app says you are 480 calories over you are right on track to meet your goal by just resting, if you are more than that you need to do some exercise.  


Right, I understand how it works. I don't think you understood my issues. At the end of the day, say 1:00 am the next day/morning it will tell me I'm under by 300 calories. Around 8:00 am that same morning it will send me a message stating I was under by 250 calories, which is different from what I previously checked. Then later on that same day, if I check my history it will tell me that I was OVER the day before. Mind you this is all information about the day before, after the day ended, so no extra calories could be consumed or burned. 

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Yes! I'm having the same issue with the discrepency. For example the notification in the morning says i was under my calorie goal by 150. Then if I go into the app it will say I was over by 80 calories.
Nothing ever matches
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My Samsung Health registers that I am "Cal Over" with massive amounts ranging from 300 up to 1200 calories.

The thing is, it happens every morning when I haven't eaten or drank anything yet.

I register my kcal intake manually everyday. I sleep with the arrow pointing to "Good", and when i wake up in the morning the arrow is pointing to "Over". Something is wrong with this App.

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The matter is that you never burn calories to "0" while you sleeping. In some point in the middle of the night the app resets the calories to a higher value so you can start over in the morning with those calories "more". That push you to burn calories making some activities or workout and burning enough to "balance" until your breakfast time. Remember that is a new calorie record day. You start from the higher value instead and not the lesser.

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Yes I'm having the same problem . I only had 100 calories today and my calorie intake is 1500 but it says I'm 80 calories over my calorie intake.  It's terrible! 

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